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Candidates, know how to refuse a job offer!

The earlier the better ! In our processes, we ensure the right match between a position, a business environment and you, the candidate, your background, your interpersonal skills and your motivations. Share your motivations and deep aspirations during the practice process. Be honest in presenting your skills and motivations, and be objective about your entire […]


How to shine in an interview with the STAR method?

In order to highlight your skills and past experiences during a job interview, rely on concrete examples and present them in a structured way. For this, you can rely on the STAR method: Situation – Tasks – Action – Result. It is the Canadian psychologist and teacher in Human Resources, Tom Janz, who is at […]


And if you tackle the essential management of the CSR transition of your company thanks to… an interim manager?

By its very “living” nature, the agri-food sector is certainly the most challenged by change. And it is in this way that, nourished by multiple adaptations over the ages, the agri-food industry invents and innovates, thus becoming a supplier and precursor of not only technological but also societal changes. And if there is one area […]


R&D recruitments: the impacts and challenges in food companies

R&D recruitments: the impacts and challenges in food companies As a specialist of very specific and technical recruitments for the food industry, Leaderia and its European partners at IFR-A (International Food Recruitment Alliance) has been working a lot on R&D recruitments over the last few years. We found it interesting to compare the needs of […]

With this statement, I wish to highlight the quality of Leaderia’s support, starting with the time allotted to understanding our need and DNA, and the relevance of the questions asked during the briefing meeting [...]

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