Our Methodology

Thanks to a team made up of experienced consultants working in pairs with dedicated research managers, and knowing your sector very precisely, Leaderia is able to quickly detect the talents you are looking for and who correspond to your organization and corporate culture.

We recruit by analogy between expertise and skills of candidate profiles.

We intervene using a direct approach to identify, attract and qualify top executives and managers.

Our perfect mastery of the professions and the agri-food, agricultural and hotel-catering sectors, supported by our base of 100,000 candidates, allows us to find the suitable candidate.

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Whether you are candidates, prospects or customers, we regularly organize networking meetings to further refine our understanding of your business, your issues and challenges.


This is how we continually animate our network of experts, thus providing us with reliable information in real time to offer you a secure recruitment and assessment process.

LeaderIA logo Entreprise Réflexion


Entreprise & Réflexion

In a very warm and friendly atmosphere, we invite once a month in our office 7-10 people from our network (GM, HRM, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, …) to a round table coordinated by an expert around a special question. This is definitely a time rich of exchanges and new ideas.


Examples :

  • Nutriscore :How to improve the nutritional performances of products and adapt to industrial constraints ?– by Sylvie Henry, in charge of Application Laboratory at Azelis and Sophie de Reynal, Marketing Director of the communication agency Nutrimarketing and founder of the Club PAI.
  • The Talent Acquisition Manager / Recruitment Manager : why is he so crucial for your corporate communication ?– by François-Xavier GUILET – Consultant Manager for the offer HUMAN – Agence Yes Sir !
  • Foodservice : how to activate sales force Foodservice ?– by Pierre BIDAULT – Sales Director of Bonduelle and Michael BALLAY – Consultant Partner of Food Service Vision …

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Network & Business Club

What beats meeting you in an informal frame and inviting you to a cultural event in order to know you better? Every year, we organize a private visit of an atypical place which helps you to create links. Members of the Board take part to this event and this provides an excellent opportunity to meet interesting people.



  • Private visit of the Rodin and Picasso Museums followed by a cocktail (2015).
  • Conference of Didier Dinart, coach of the Handball French team, World Champion 2017 (377 selections in France team) plus visit of backstages in Opéra Garnier, Paris (2019).

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Workshop Network & Analogies

You are actively looking for a job or want to give a new impulse to your career? we are here to support you! Our consultants and experts give you some keys to boost about your employability through personal branding, identification of analogies between experience and ambitions…



Our manager had worked for around 20 years within the group Mars and he has been, since 2014, Vice-President of this association (President from 2007 to 2013).

This network works to:

  • Create professional solidarity for its members (recommendations, technical explanations about jobs…)
  • Organize networking times to get better together in particular in the broaden ecosystem of the agrofood industry.


They took part in debate-evenings:

Bris ROCHER – President of Yves ROCHER

Franck RIBOUD – Former President of DANONE

Serge PAPIN – President of Système U

François DALENS – Vice-President of the Boston Consulting Group

Alain MARTY – President of the Wine & Business Club and commentator on BFM, …

More information on www.marsxchange.fr

Identification of analogies

Synectics is a method to solve problems with creativity while associoating heterogenous elements in order to make “insolite more familiar”.

The principle consists in transferring a situation in another field of application in order to have a new vision from it, to think out of the box and to generate new ideas.


When applied to recruitment, synectics opens up new possibilities. Identifying analogies helps to think about jobs and sectors unknown by now, while emphasizing knowledge and skills gained during past experiences.


This is a peculiarly precious approach as candidates are – for some vacancies- very scare or not keen to move.


Recruiters have thus no choice but to open new windows and bring fresh perspectives and practices to the relative sectors.


Why not just build up new bridges between sectors and some jobs to bring a second wind in terms of expertise, skills and cultures to the company?


This is what our consultancy offers, as it has a real knowledge of the sector and jobs. This offers consequently openness and innovative targets.


Indeed, identifying similarities between technical expertises, common values and cultures in 2 different sectors requires a solid knowledge of the recruitment environments.


We have achieved that thanks to a constructive and regular exchange with teams (operational, Board, HR) in order to understand strategy, objectives, values and markets of expertise.

Quality Standards

ISO 9001 :


Qualité LeaderIA


Louis-Simon FAURE strongly believes in People and Processes. These are the core values of success. In order to understand better our evolution, here is a resume of the implementation of our quality system:


  • 2010 : Louis-Simon FAURE decides to obtain a certification ISO 9001 by the AFNOR, in order to continuously improve and to achieve more performance. The team LeaderIA designs and implements the processes, still in place today.
  • 2012 : We are granted our certification ISO 9001 by AFNOR.
  • 2015 & 2018 : Renew of the norm ISO 9001 during the tri-annual audit.


Our expertise of quality process and continuous improvement gained for over 10 years challenges us every single day in order to identify new criteria and thus offer you a more and more qualitative service.


This involves us to safely develop LeaderIA International Search on a long-term basis.


Our committments

In order to respect our commitments, we carry out:

  • A management of the production quality. Our company commits itself with AFNOR to respect several standards in order to benefit from a performing and improving quality system. The team of LeaderIA International Search respects many requirements to guarantee a relevant recruitment, in total adequation with our customers’ expectations and our quality policy.
  • Management of the company quality system : Continuously improving, we have to strictly respect all our processes and make them change. We thus put in place audits, so that our processes can be checked by a certified expert from AFNOR.
  • DATADOCK : This is a unic database focused on professional training with a quality dimension. This allows to professional training finance providers gathered in GIE DF to check the conformity of training organisms towards 6 criteria defined by the law.


Quality indicators 2019


Our « off limit 24 months » rules towards our customers and commitments GDPR :

Our « off limit 24 months » rule consists in working together with our customers in total transparency and not approaching their team neither through direct approach neither through ad campaign.


As strategic partners in sometimes tight sectors, LeaderIA International Search respects an ethical and deontological commitment towards its customers. This is thus unthinkable to approach your employee through direct approach or ads;


We specify that, if a candidate working for our customers applies to one of our offers and that his/her leave is not officially effective nor planned, we are not allowed to include his/her application in the process.


Our « off limit » rule is valid during the 24 months following the date of signature of the latest contract through which you hired a candidate. If, after this period of time, we have not initiated at least a new project, we allow ourselves to invalidate this “off limit” rule.


In the frame of GDPR, LeaderIA International Search guarantees you for transparency and strictest respect of your personal data treatment.


We stay at your entire disposal to answer all your questions about this issue

Personality & competencies

For each of our recruitments, assessments and coaching, 4 items are fundamental in order to guarantee a total adequation with the company and its culture:
  • Technical knowledge and skills
  • Behaviour skills or « soft skills » – personality at work
  • Potential and intellectual aptitudes
  • Motivations and professionnal project.


Tools for which LeaderIA is certified :


Ethics and values

Our values : the 5 E

LeaderIA Enjoys working as a team which works with Ethics and an Entrepreneurial dimension to meet your Expectations and lead you to Excellence.


Enjoy working as a team : a dynamic and involved team which benefits from regular training to gain in skills and competitiveness.


Ethics : a commitment to screen applications only through the skills related to the vacancy and the soft skills linked to the company culture.


Entrepreneurship: a permanent ambition to be an entrepreneur, to explore and discover in order to bring to customers solutions always more innovative and performing.


Exigence : an exigence to meet your expectations thanks to certified processes and a real rigor for all our team.


Excellence : a continuous aspiration to excellence in order to offer you a service with optimum quality.


Ethics :

Here are the organisms from which we are certified :


LeaderIA International Search is signatory of the Charter of Diversity: this document is a text of moral commitment which encourages companies to guarantee promotion and respect of diversity within their people but also in their recruitments. While signing it, our recruiting consultancy fights against all forms of discriminations and puts in place measures for diversity.


Syntec recrutement : this organism gathers several recruiting firms and allows to receive advice – this is a recognized institution in the recruiting world.


CNIL : The Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés is an administrative and independent authority which mainly aims at protecting private life, individual and public freedom.


In the same idea, LeaderIA International Search is signatory of the responsible recruitment charter and applies its principles on a daily basis so that each candidate has the same opportunity to succeed in his/her professional life.


To know more, read more about Louis-Simon Faure’s book about Ethical Recruitment which emphasizes the importance of ethics and of our values in recruitments.

With this statement, I wish to highlight the quality of Leaderia’s support, starting with the time allotted to understanding our need and DNA, and the relevance of the questions asked during the briefing meeting [...]

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