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Last but not least, Leaderia, our agrofood recruiting consultancy operates in foodservice, hote-ret, and in fast and consumer goods, letting thus you to eat the food product!


Recruiting firm specialized in hospitality and catering

Leveraging its 11-year expertise in the recruitment of executives and managers, our recruiting firm specialized in hospitality and catering operates in the following segments: food services, hospitality and tourism as a whole: hotels (luxury, business, resorts),

hotelrelated facilities (senior residences, nursing homes, etc.), restaurants (gastronomic, collective, commercial, onboard rail catering and fast food), food retail, agro-food focused on out-of-home catering, distribution and equipment manufacturers, tourism (leisure parks, cruise companies, travel agencies, and many more).


Our experience in hospitality and catering recruitment has provided us with a first-hand insight into your market. At Leaderia, we provide you access to an extensive network coupled with our in-depth knowledge from players as well as real-time updates.


France is the first destination for tourists worldwide with 90 million visitors. The hospitality and catering industry account for €70 billion in revenue. It is also the sixth largest sector in France for job opportunities.


This is a high-pressure, high-octane industry: along with digitalization, sustainability, and deep-seated transformation in ways of working, clientele is forever more demanding and impatient. Such sweeping changes call for new technical and soft skills from teams and managers.


We support large corporations, family-sized businesses and investors in their investment decisions.


At Leaderia, we recruit the following positions :


C-level functions: general manager, director, DAF, HRD, Country Manager, etc.

Sales and marketing functions: commercial director, BtoB commercial, sales director, marketing director, etc.

Support functions: revenue manager, management control manager, director of operations, director of operations

Site functions: catering manager, hotel manager, general manager, general housekeeper, F&B manager, accommodation manager, etc.


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With this statement, I wish to highlight the quality of Leaderia’s support, starting with the time allotted to understanding our need and DNA, and the relevance of the questions asked during the briefing meeting [...]

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