Our manager is a certified coach from Vincent Lenhardt school ( and helps you on two different kinds of issues:


  • Coaching based on relationship to oneself to gain on self-confidence, reinforcer one’s leadership, clarify one’s project and get better organized
  • Coaching based on relationship to others (with managers, colleagues, employees…)

On a very practical basis, by individual managerial support, we mean


  • Integration follow-up
  • Integration in a new position
  • Career orientation
  • Internal mobility support
  • Emotionnal intelligence development
  • Transition from an expert to a manager position
  • Conduct of change (merger, acquisition)
  • Managerial crisis resolution (reorganization, financial problems…)

Skills Assessment


Thanks to a perfect knowledge of the food chain, hospitality and catering’s specificities combined with a good understanding of companies’realities, our advisors support candidates in the frame of a skills assessment to let them :

– Review their career perspectives

– Prepare the steps to give to their career

– Better identify their skills…


Close to your needs and issues, with benevolence, independence and exigence, we provide you with pragmatic and appropriate advice.

Practical information :

  • Trageted public : Every professional especially :
  • Private sector employees
  • Public sector employees (civil cervants, unlicensed agents, …)
  • Jobseekers
  • Requirements : none
  • Duration : minimum 10 hours and maximum 24 hours depending on the objectives + a synthetis done at the end of the assessement, 6 months after the last session
  • Place : face-to-face training, in our place or yours, to be defined
  • Conditions and time to access : following our contact, we establish a proposal to build a skills assessment meeting your needs, objectives and time. A first phone exchenge with the ordering customer will take place on the one hand and with the beneficiary on the other hand to introduce the assessment, before lauching it. A referent advisor will ensure the follow-up all the assignment long.
  • Objectives : customized skills assessment. The objectives will be established together with you and we will measure at the end of the training how much they are achieved. Examples : structure a job search, think about a professionnal reconversion, identify key skills and motivations to evolve…
  • Accessibility : sessions accessible to disabled people, after study with certified organizations.
  • Fees: fees will be suggested to you after study of your need.

With this statement, I wish to highlight the quality of Leaderia’s support, starting with the time allotted to understanding our need and DNA, and the relevance of the questions asked during the briefing meeting [...]

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