Our agrofood recruiting consultancy is active on the entire food sector, from the back to the front. Our expertise goes from culture of the ground, transformation of raw material, cross-channels distribution until final consumption.

This large experience makes from our agrofood recruiting consultancy a specialist with a global vision of your jobs and stakes.


Production- Agricultural machinism – Agricultural supply

Our agrofood recruiting consultancy is a specialist of the sectors related to the very first steps of the industry: agriculture, collection, agricultural supply such as agricultural machinism. This is the very beginning of the food product life.



Prestation TransformationProcessing – Ingredients – Food intermediary products – Equipment

From raw material, the food product has to be processed to be eaten… Our agrofood recruiting consultancy LeaderIA International Search is also an expert of food processing, ingredients and food intermediary product. We are then able to work for chemistry, nutrition and health. 20% of our customers come from these sectors.



Cabinet Recrutement DistributionDistribution – Foodservice – Export – Retail

Once our product is processed, it still has to go through different steps to be eaten. LeaderIA International search recruits within the area of logistics, conditioning/packaging and cross-channel distribution: super and hypermarkets, foodservice, industry, export…



Consumption, Hospitality & Catering

Last but not least, LeaderIA International Search, our agrofood recruiting consultancy operates in foodservice, hote-ret, and in fast and consumer goods, letting thus you to eat the food product!

Hospitality & catering
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