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Once our product is processed, it still has to go through different steps to be eaten. LeaderIA International search recruits within the area of logistics,

conditioning/packaging and cross-channel distribution: super and hypermarkets, foodservice, industry, export…


Recruiting firm specialized in food distribution

In this sector, the stakes are high: continuous supplies, sustainability, high-demanding customers, high pressure on prices for some brands…and all of this against a complicated health, economic and social background.


This requires technical and adaptive, soft skills in addition to intellectual aptitude that need precisely defining for your future employees.


With more than 11 years of expertise in the recruitment of top executives and managers, our recruiting firm specialized in distribution operates in the following segments: food, fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs),

Drug Perfume and Hygiene Products (DPH) and health. For all these segments, we work directly with distribution channels that impact all end users.


Our expertise in your environment was born from our operational experience within industrial companies selling products to grocery and hard discount stores as well as supermarkets.


The first successful recruitment projects have provided a platform for us to hone our recruitment skills for players dedicated to: specialized large stores, large do-it-yourself stores, out-of-home catering, E-Commerce, over-the-counter retailers and international retailers


We offer you: an established network of contacts, our on-the-ground expertise with industry players and real-time market updates.


We work together with multinational companies, large corporates, SMEs and family-sized businesses


At Leaderia, we recruit the following positions:

  • BU Directors
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Purchasers
  • Head of National Centers
  • National Key Account Managers
  • Category Managers
  • Sales & Marketing Directors
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • World Export Directors
  • Conditioning Directors
  • Packaging Managers
  • Supplying Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Logistics Manager


Feel free to contact our recruiting firm specialized in food distribution.

With this statement, I wish to highlight the quality of Leaderia’s support, starting with the time allotted to understanding our need and DNA, and the relevance of the questions asked during the briefing meeting [...]

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