Such as France, England has many private recruiting firms, from companies specialized in the recruiting of top executives – be it on local or regional scale- to temporary employment agencies.

The used methods by these firms are not really different from the ones in France. One out of three companies call upon the services of a recruiting firm.

In a more general manner, France and England differ rather in their ways of behaving among colleagues. All the specialists like Geert Hofstede and Edward T. Hall agree that first, in the UK, the management is much softer and milder than in France. Managers trust their employees and are not as present with them in the decision-making as in France.

They communicate with understatement with phrases like “I am not sure” – that is “your idea is stupid” or “I will think about it” – meaning “Is this guy crazy? How could he think about it seriously?”. French people are more direct in their ways to communicate and do not hesitate to say no when needed.

In their decision-making processes, British people give the priority to action and pragmatism as French people like talking for hours about theory, without necessary leading to an action plan.

British people do not often take much time to socialize with their colleagues such as French people taking long break to have coffee with their co-workers. Their lunch break rarely lasts more than 20 minutes.

These information have definitely to be taken into consideration when working with British companies or sending a colleague to the UK, so…n’oubliez pas cela!