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We are recruitment specialists for executives, top executives and experts through total and direct approach methods.

We lead identifying-finding-shortlisting-integrating processes by :

  • Targeting the best people on the market thanks to our economic intelligence approach: we create an appropriate hunting ground based on our knowledge of the sector and identifications of analogies.
  • Shortlisting the best profiles over the phone and then through face-to-face interviews with support of personality tests (SOSIE, PfPI) and intellectual capacities (Raven’s Apm III , Watson Glaser III, Dat : Differential Aptitude Test )…
  • Supporting you in assessment and the big steps of the process (salary to grant according to market situation, check of internal applications, debrief to candidates, managerial advice…).
  • Integrating the new employee (integration follow-up every quarter until the end of the guarantee period and sometimes even after)



Our team support you to define together the career path of your employees:

  • To orientate professional choices
  • To establish skills review
  • To offer support during career transition
  • To give advice during a succession pan and talent management time

Our team offers you customized assessment centers as well: role games, tests in basket, collective interviews, work situation simulations, assessments of (high) potentials.



Our manager is a certified coach from Vincent Lenhardt school ( and helps you on two different kinds of issues:

  • Coaching based on relationship to oneself to gain on self-confidence, reinforcer one’s leadership, clarify one’s project and get better organized
  • Coaching based on relationship to the others (with managers, colleagues, employees…)

On a very practical basis, by individual managerial support, we mean

  • Integration follow-up
  • Integration in a new position
  • Career orientation
  • Internal mobility support
  • Emotionnal intelligence development
  • Transition from an expert to a manager position
  • Conduct of change (merger, acquisition)
  • Managerial crisis resolution (reorganization, financial problems…)



We intervene in your company to train your HR teams to recruit executives, top executives and experts. We teach you how to identify, to find, to shortlist and then integrate the future key resources of your company.

  • Identifying: to identify the right targets and the best profiles according to your needs, we give you some keys to hunt candidates through total and mixed direct approach. Thanks to our economic intelligence techniques, you will be taught to target the best professionals on the market and to create a relevant hunting ground.
  • Finding: we give you pragmatic information to identify the people with the right skills while screening the organization charts f targeted companies.
  • Pre-Shortlisting: we teach you how to interview profiles over the phone to decide then which candidates will be interviewed in face-to-face.
  • Shortlisting: making the right decision is not easy and presents risks. That is the reason why our experts come along with you all the process long to chose the right candidate.
  • Attract : since the beginning of the process, you will be well advised about how to create interest for your company and make it grow – a crucial point to attract the best people relatively to your needs.
  • Retain : then, to create a long-lasting relationship between your company’s growth and your future top/middle executives, we advise you about the best way to integrate your new employees and to motivate him/her on a sustainable manner.
  • Social branding : we support you to manage your visibility on LinkedIn to develop your personal and company branding to be more famous on the market.
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