Our values


Louis-Simon FAURE strongly believes in people and processes. These values are for us key factors of success. To understand better our evolution, here is a history illustrating the implementation of our quality system:

  • 2010: in a perspective of continuous improvement and competitiveness, Louis-Simon FAURE works to obtain the certification ISO 9001 awarded by the AFNOR. The team LeaderIA creates and implements then the processes related to this certification which are still used today on a daily basis.
  • 2012: LeaderIA obtains the certification Afnor following an audit.
  • 2015: renewal of the norm ISO 9001.
  • 2018: third renewal.

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Our 24-month off-limit rule towards our customers and our GDPR committments

Our 24-month off-limit rule : working with our customers with total transparency means never contacting their teams with total direct approach or through an add.

As strategic partners in sometimes very limited areas, LeaderIA has definitely to respect an ethic commitment towards customers. This is thus unthinkable for us to approach people from these customers.

If a candidate belongs to one of our customers company and applies without any effective or planed leave from this company, we do not allow ourselves to include him/her in the process.

Our 24-month off-limit rule is valid within the 24-month period of time following the signature of the last contract we signed with our customer and which led to the hiring of a candidate. If, after this period of time, we have not started at least one collaboration, we allow ourselves to lift the “24-month off limit” rule.

In the frame of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), LeaderIA guarantees you a strict transparency and respect of the treatment of your personal data.

We stay at your entire disposal to answer all your questions about it.

Our certifications – a guarantee of trust

Management of the quality in our activities: Our company commits itself with the AFNOR to comply with some indicators in order to work with a high performing and constantly improving system of quality in our activities. The team respects some prerequisites to guarantee a relevant recruitment system and to be perfectly respectful with our clients needs and with our quality processes.

Management of the quality in our company: we are continuously improving the quality system of our firm and this is why we have to comply with the integrality of our processes and make them evolve at the same time with our work. We thus implement audits to implement them and check their application by an auditor certified AFNOR.

Here are the organizations to which we are committed:

Syntec recruitement: Organization grouping some recruitment consultancies, offering specialized advice and enjoying a good reputation in the recruitment world.

CNIL: The French Data Protection Authority is an administrative and independent organization which aims to protect private life and individual and public freedoms of people.

We are also certified ISO 9001: This norm provides all the requirements to manage the quality system of a company. Only this norm can be used as a certification. Any organization, be it a big or a small one, no matters its sector, can use it. As a matter of fact, more than one million of entities in over 170 countries apply this norm.

LeaderIA is signatory of the Charter of Diversity: Through this document, signatory companies morally commit themselves and are encouraged to guarantee the promotion and the respect of diversity in terms of workforce quotas and recruitment processes. As signatories,we commit ourselves to fight against discrimination and to carry out measures to promote diversity.

In the same spirit, LeaderIA is signatory of the Responsible Recruitment Charter and applies every day and very carefully its principles so that each candidate has the same chances to succeed in his/her professional life.