The boss is also on probation

In 2021, 33% of employees are looking for a new job within 6 months of taking up their position. Knowing that an executive recruitment, which fails, is very expensive. The average cost is around €45,000, including the time spent by the company to recruit the candidate, the costs incurred by the non-validated trial period and the time required to relaunch the recruitment process. It is essential for companies to ensure that the probation period is validated by the manager but also by the employee, the company is also on a probation period. 

Since 2021, companies have struggled to recruit, good candidates are more difficult to attract, which puts them in a position of strength. However, recruitment does not stop when the contract is signed, onboarding and the trial period are the steps that finalize the hiring.

There are several reasons why an employee may end their probationary period:

  • Actual assignments do not match job description

  • Company culture or values ​​don’t match

  • The manager does not match the expectations of the employee


It is important to emphasize this last point because it can be more easily avoided and adjusted. Indeed, we very often forget that the manager is also evaluated by the talent during his trial period, the evaluation goes both ways!

At the time of hiring, the exchanges certainly allowed a first approach, but they cannot reflect the longevity of the relationship. Also the signing of the contract is a promise from the manager to the employee: the missions, the working environment, the quality of the relationship between the 2 parties, etc. are supposed to correspond to the exchanges during the interviews.

In order to avoid the candidate’s disappointment with this promise, it is important to organize regular meetings in order to detect weak signals. These regular points can be used to give feedback: the employee can express what he has understood about his missions, the proposed challenge but also about relations with members of management now that he is in office. Thus, we can immediately rectify the perception he had of his tasks, the corporate culture, etc.

Our advice? Stay true to your corporate culture, your managerial personality and your values. Alignment between recruitment and onboarding is the key to sustainable hiring!

le patron aussi est en période d'essai

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