Office, the new expectations of employees

The Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine and teleworking call into question the use of the office as a workplace, to which the employee goes at fixed times. According to a JLL study (March 29, 2021) 71% of employees want to benefit from more flexible working hours. New offices must adapt to current operations.

The model of 5 days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. is therefore over, presenteeism is no longer the solution to ensure the involvement of its teams.

We go to the office to see our colleagues, advance our projects and stay connected to the company. It becomes a place of socialization and meetings and no longer a place of work.

We acclaimed a mix between partitioned, collaborative and focus-room spaces. The office should offer a more comfortable, inspiring and motivating working environment.

Emphasis is also placed on technology, companies will have to offer an infallible quality of connection to the network in order to promote remote work.

Finally, the office should not be located in a no man’s land, employees want public transport, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops nearby.

Accessibility, connectivity and flexibility, here are the 3 key words for the new offices!

Bureau : les nouvelles attentes des salariés

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