How to support the international mobility of your employees?

The phenomenon of globalization has increased economic migration and more particularly “brain circulation”. To better control this, the management of international mobility is fully in line with the Human Resources policy of companies with regard to their employee training plan but also their “career center“.

Expatriation is an attractive experience with high added value for the following categories:

– top talents destined for positions of high responsibility who must have a strong international culture to succeed in their future responsibilities;

– experts to acquire new skills and share the company’s know-how;

– young executives to develop their creativity and make them react to a different environment.

If this emigration is very attractive for many employees, we must not forget that these employees will be the ambassadors of the company and that we must therefore help them to make a success of their trip by assisting them on key points:

– suitability for a long-term personal and professional project;

– preparation adapted to each destination through training;

– administrative and personal support to facilitate integration into a new environment.

International mobility is an asset in the training and maturation of human capital, for the evolution of organizations and for the development of knowledge.

Accompagner la mobilité internationale des collaborateurs

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