How to answer a personality test?

Have you ever wanted to cheat or please the recruiter when taking a personality test?

When faced with a personality test during a recruitment process, remember that there are no right or wrong answers. Be honest and genuine!

These tests first allow the recruiter to explore the extent of your personal resources, apart from your technical skills, as well as your values ​​and motivations.

These scientifically validated tools are also essential for clarifying and comparing hypotheses about your behavior at work resulting from an initial interview, which is often too short, and for bringing nuance.

Indeed, personality traits are situational, just like motivation.

It is also the opportunity for a privileged exchange with a certified professional for better self-knowledge and a more assertive commitment to your future position, your future team and the culture of your future employer.

After all, you want to find yourself in a work environment that really suits you and allows you to give the best of yourself!

You therefore have everything to gain.

As a Work Psychologist, I learned to build, analyze, interpret, know the limits of these tools and I evaluate each profile with great nuance.

So the next time you face a personality test, remember: keep it real, keep it real, and you’ll be fine!

Aurélien Vétault, PGC and Distribution Division Consultant

Répondre aux tests de personnalité

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