LeaderIA’s team gathered in Dublin for its end-of-summer seminar. We were welcomed at Google’s EMEA head office by Marie Fenard, Director of Inside Sales Cloud France.

Our team was particularly impressed by the subtle balance between Quality of Working Life, a culture of innovation and diversity and strong expectations, all leading to better performance.

Team spirit and « Googliness » are fostered through conviviality and freedom of action, both perceptible when visiting the astonishing workspaces. Collaborative work methods are made easy especially through the accessible and convenient meeting rooms and the many tools encouraging to transversality.

These outstanding working conditions contribute to the company’s performance. They are key to a strong culture of self-development through continuous training, self-study and regular feedback; to the company’s success through the dynamism and agility of its teams, innovation and endless experimentation.

At the core of this artificial intelligence giant’s recruiting process, researching cultural and personality matching and the notion of diversity – so important to us – are crucial.

The 4 key notions of job interviews at Google are very close to our own processes’ basis:

– Googliness: seeking cultural matching between the candidate and the company

– Leadership: ability of the candidate to join a new team, to become a growth driver inside it and be responsible for his own activity

– Role-related knowledge: evaluation of the person’s technical skills related to the job

– General cognitive abilities: measure of intellectual abilities and of the candidate’s potential for development

At Google as with LeaderIA, ideas come from everywhere, and anything seems possible if one tries hard enough.