Professional fair trades are extremely important for us, recuiters. We often take part to some of these most famous events specialized in our field of activity. For example, we regularly attend to the Batimat, Midest, Matexpo and Intimat fair trades in order to understand our clients better and to meet our targets.

From October, 10th to 14th, the Trade Fair Anuga is taking place in Cologn, Germany. It gathers professionals of the food market. This is a huge place where people from all over the world meet for professional purposes, especially to gain future clients or meet with suppliers. All nationalities are there, sometimes with traditional clothes, just to give an even more guenuine aspect to the products they are selling.

It is so easy to get lost in the endless aisles not only because the place is really big but also because the temptation to stop to a stand offering free food is so present. You have all types of food organized by departments such as sea food, dairy products, meat products, international food – Asian stands were especially numerous but French ones too. We felt very proud about all the stands distinguishable by a Made in France sign. French cheese, French meat, French yogurts and French viennoiseries invite themselves to Anuga. When asking people about their presence to the fair trade, they were all very enthusiastic to show their products to the world. We remember a French commercial talking in English about the quality of French compotes to an Asian client, seeming to be absolutely delighted. We remember a Dutch seller of caramel and chocolate spread : « In France, the problem is that you guys do not want to eat palm oil. You are so strict with this idea. And this is a pity because it depends on the way it is made, not on the product on itself », she tried to persuade us.

It is probably millions of euros which are going to be spent thanks to the Anuga meeting, thousands of visit cards exchanged, hundred of transactions made between professionals, millions of people climbing the steps in front of the huge buildings and going on the train to Köln Hauptbahnhof. We were there and we were very happy to meet this people for whom we work every day and who work for us all. A very nice business meeting to which we will certainly take part again.