What are the key success factors for its GPEC policy?

It has been a legal obligation since 2008. The GPEC policy – ​​Forward Planning of Jobs and Skills – is a complex process. Experts recommend approaching it carefully and in an organized, step-by-step manner. Here we present recommendations to ensure its success.

  • Involve ALL stakeholders. The success of a GPEC project requires the mobilization of:
    • General Management
    • The works council
    • The GPEC monitoring committee.
  • Training with all the company’s stakeholders helps to make the GPEC policy a strong point for your company.

  • Clearly define business strategy. The GPEC is the HR version of this strategy. It is therefore necessary to first define the priority areas of development of the company and its raison d’être. Then we can deduce the human actions to be undertaken.

  • Create an inventory of resources. Before implementing its HR policy, the company must know precisely its profiles and the skills of all its employees. Thereafter, according to the appetites of the employees, you can set up your GPEC policy according to the real needs of your employees.

  • Identify needs. Through the definition of the strategy, the company must understand what it lacks in order to successfully achieve its objectives. It must consider possible scenarios for the evolution of skills. For this step, it may be relevant to use external consultants, experts in your sector, who will show neutrality and hindsight.

  • Define an action plan. This task is the responsibility of the HRD who must define the different stages and priorities by carrying out an action plan by service and by profession. It has a series of tools to assess the skills of employees.

  • Ensure the sustainability of the GPEC approach. Once the action plan has been completed, the main challenge is not to lose sight of the purpose of the process. Success depends mainly on constant anticipation of market needs and regular evaluation of employees. A GPEC policy is never fixed, it constantly evolves according to the situation.


In the current economic context, the GPEC is a key lever that makes it possible to optimize its payroll and to be part of the future in advance.



Comment réussir sa politique GPEC ?

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