Make recruitment more reliable with an assessment of skills and personality

When recruiting, it is difficult to discover at first glance the personality and skills of a candidate. To overcome this difficulty many recruiters use questionnaires to assess professional intellectual aptitudes and personality.

These two tools make it possible to reduce the risk of error as much as possible by giving a first idea about the person. Assessing intellectual abilities at the start of the process thus ensures that candidates have the skills necessary for the exercise of the profession. A tool is used to filter as part of a massive selection when there is an influx of candidates for a given position.

A distinction is made between aptitude assessment and personality assessment:

  • Aptitude assessments are emerging as the most effective tests for predicting professional efficiency and success. They define a person’s ability to adapt to new situations, analyze, recognize, define and solve a problem.
  • Personality assessments predict with a limited margin of error how a person will behave in given situations. They determine his modes of reaction in a professional situation by predicting his success in a position or in a structure.

Cross-use of these tools, i.e. using a professional aptitude and personality test, is a very good predictor of a candidate’s performance.

Of course, these assessments come in addition to an analysis of the skills of the candidates and should serve as support for the interviews where the recruiter can more finely assess the personality and the skills.

Les tests de personnalité et d'aptitudes pour fiabiliser le recrutement

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