How to successfully on-board new employees?

With the tensions on the labor market, particularly in the agricultural, agri-food and hotel and catering industries, recruitment has become difficult, it takes more time and requires more effort. In this context, it is crucial to know how to successfully onboard new employees at the risk of seeing them turn on their heels as soon as they take office.

According to a survey conducted by the Easyrecruit recruitment agency, 20% of employees who join a company plan to leave it on the first day due to poor reception at the human, administrative or material levels! This can be easily understood when we know that today 65% ​​of companies do not have an integration process (Mercuri Urval study).

To retain good talent, the onboarding phase must be at the heart of the HR strategy. It is therefore important to adopt a communication of proof from the first steps of the new employee in the company: what he experiences must correspond to what was presented during the recruitment interview.

Key steps must be followed for successful onboarding, they are based on concrete elements:

  • Announce the arrival of the new employee and show him that he is expected.
  • An administrative file ready.
  • Full work equipment available.
  • Designate a godfather or godmother.
  • Invite the new employee to lunch with his new colleagues.
  • Communicate useful information about the company.
  • Take stock of the first day.
  • Organize your integration process.
  • Establish regular feedback with the N+1.
  • Ask him for a surprise report.
Réussir l'onboarding des nouveaux collaborateurs

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