Communicate your Employer Brand to young talents

In the current context of ecological transition and health crisis, companies in the food sector are facing increasing complexity in attracting, recruiting and retaining talent, especially the youngest (Millennials and Gen Z). Faced with this “War of Talents”, companies should not hesitate to change their modes of communication by highlighting the “Employer Brand”: the approach consists in expressing oneself as an employer to its internal but also external audiences. .

The importance of the company’s image in the eyes of employees and future employees is paramount. The fulfillment of an employee no longer depends solely on the tasks assigned to him. It also depends on the atmosphere and the understanding with its managers and colleagues, on its adherence to the values ​​of the company.

The employee experience must remain consistent, in the age of social networks, speech is freed up and dissatisfied employees can damage a brand.

In addition, no recruitment is carried out today without candidates finding out about the company and its mode of operation of the company, consulting the opinions left by candidates and employees.

The secret of attractiveness is to adopt a communication of proof that stands out from the competition while remaining in tune with the internal environment.

Then it is necessary to manage this communication by remaining very vigilant, to deal with the buzz, to animate and moderate the communities to make the exchanges more fluid. The employer brand is thus presented as an alternative to attract, retain and maintain visibility on Millennial and Gen Z talents. 

Travailler sa marque employeur auprès des jeunes

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