What actions should be put in place to address professional developments in the food industry?

Factory of the future, robotization and automation, marketing 4.0, innovation management, new food uses, “consum’actors”… The agri-food sector and the hotel and catering industry are evolving to meet health, environmental and economic challenges . The revolution is made by integrating more and more technologies: robotics, artificial intelligence, new foods. It affects production – agriculture, processing, distribution – but also services and offers to consumers.

Professions are transformed, created.

The profession of farmer is, for example, changing with the arrival of entrepreneurs keen on digital, on-board technology, and more sensitive to ecology. In industry, jobs related to research and development, product quality, health and safety, logistics and marketing are booming.

Some jobs of tomorrow are already a reality. Roboticist, data scientist, etc., companies are snapping up these rare profiles which concern many professional sectors.

How to position yourself on the jobs of today and tomorrow?

Employee retention is a priority. Offer them real career paths based on skill development. Technologies are constantly evolving. You have to constantly question yourself and acquire new knowledge Giving a perspective sparks vocations!

Beyond initial training and professional experience, the personality of the employee and his behavioral skills come into play. It is necessary to identify and value soft skills, i.e. the ability to work in a group, resistance to stress, adaptability, etc. Inquisitive minds have the whole future ahead of them: Doing a job in new technologies requires adopting an agile mindset.

Les évolutions des métiers dans les filières alimentaires

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