How to disconnect during vacations?

During the holidays, it’s time for disconnection, recovery, creation of memories and self-care. You are advised to disconnect mentally and digitally. For employees, including executives, the right to disconnect authorizes non-connection to professional digital devices outside of working hours. Employers are also prohibited from contacting their employees outside of working hours in order to have a better work-life balance.

Due to the responsibilities and autonomy associated with their roles, executives are more often prone to an imbalance between their professional and personal lives. On average, 67% of them consider that dropping out of work completely during the holidays is not possible. 78% of them suffer from nomophobia (the fear of losing an Internet connection). However, this hyper-connection has consequences on stress levels, fatigue and productivity, so during the holidays, we put away our devices!

To successfully log out without feeling guilty, here are some tips:

  • Anticipate your departure by completing your files by delegating certain tasks
  • Notify your customers of your vacation period
  • Block work emails and messages from syncing to your home phone
  • Turn off notifications to avoid the “emergency” effect
  • Only call back if a message is left on the answering machine

Using your right to disconnect will allow you to rest better during the holidays. Being better rested will make going back to school easier and more productive. In addition, you will benefit more from your loved ones and the activities carried out 😉

Déconnecter pendant les vacances

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