Second job interview: instructions for use

You have passed a first interview successfully, we will call you back for a second meeting. How to approach this decisive step?

  • Ask who will be attending. The interview will not be oriented in the same way according to the interlocutors (line manager, HR, management, etc.)


  • Reread your first interview: what were you impressed by? How has it changed your motivation for the position? What are the remaining points of confusion or concern? What regrets do you have? On what points did your interlocutor insist? Where can his fears or doubts about you be?


  • Bring out the elements you want to support, clarify, the questions you want to ask, the subjects you need to address


  • Show that you know the company and its environment better, if only by adapting your clothing to that of the people you have already met.


  • Prepare more specific and concrete answers and questions, which will show your understanding of the challenges of the position


Don’t forget to find out about the rest of the process: next steps and timing, be transparent about your own time constraints, especially if you have other leads in progress.

Comment parler de son ancien employeur en entretien ?

With this statement, I wish to highlight the quality of Leaderia’s support, starting with the time allotted to understanding our need and DNA, and the relevance of the questions asked during the briefing meeting [...]

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