Returning to your previous company, a great opportunity!

Returning to your previous company, a great opportunity!

The phenomenon of boomerang employees, people who leave their company to return to it later, has long remained taboo in France. It is now arousing the interest of employers who see positive effects in a context of tension on recruitment, particularly in the agricultural, agri-food and hotel and catering sectors. 70% of managers declare that they study positively the return of a former employee, and 65% of employees would be ready to respond to their former company if it made them an offer.

Revenir dans sa précédente entreprise, une belle opportunité

Why come back?

The round trips of boomerang employees can send positive signals in terms of employer branding. If as an employee, you come back, it is because there is something positive in the first experience lived within the company. The advantage for the company, as for you, is that this round trip has allowed you to develop new skills, to train in new practices and above all to come back with renewed motivation! You are therefore ready to take on a position with greater responsibilities than when you left.

Make a comeback

As you are a former employee, you know the company, its culture, its methods and its trades; the integration process will be shortened and easier. However, your new onboarding will be an important step, because in your absence, the company may have evolved: new strategy, new tools, new procedures…
It’s also important to understand what made you leave the company:

  • departure abroad or in another city
  • professional opportunity impossible to refuse
  • No job development possible
  • Your manager

And why you want to come back:

  • The atmosphere, the culture of the company
  • The missions you want to perform
  • Your former colleagues
  • Management style

The side step can be useful, so you have been able to test several company cultures and you come back more motivated than ever!

Revenir dans son ancienne entreprise

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