How to shine in an interview with the STAR method?

In order to highlight your skills and past experiences during a job interview, rely on concrete examples and present them in a structured way. For this, you can rely on the STAR method: Situation – Tasks – Action – Result.

It is the Canadian psychologist and teacher in Human Resources, Tom Janz, who is at the origin of this method.

S for Situation: list the key situations that marked your journey. Detail them by citing only relevant elements Think of situations related to the position offered, the skills and qualities expected.

T for Tasks: this step designates the missions and objectives to be achieved that have been entrusted to you. Describe your responsibilities in this situation. For example: the deployment of new tools, support for a transformation, the opening of a new office abroad, etc.

A for Action: you present all the actions you have initiated to succeed in carrying out the missions entrusted to you and achieving the objectives set. It is important to highlight your contribution.

R for Result: you will highlight the results and the effects of your actions, in particular by mentioning figures. By incorporating concrete details into your presentation, you provide a better understanding of the scope of your skills and lend more credibility to your speech.

You make the interview lively, which will arouse the interest of your interlocutor. And finally, it allows you to present your qualities without stating them, smart no!

Anne-Marie Lefèvre, Head of the Hospitality-Catering Department

Comment briller en entretien avec la méthode STAR ?

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