What if we saw candidates as prospects?

Recruiting is sometimes a perilous exercise, after the wave of resignations, companies feel that the candidates, and especially the good ones, have all left the professional sphere. However, the reality is quite different: good candidates do not apply because they are already there!

The agri-food sector offers 155,400 jobs today, including positions for salespeople, buyers and R&D managers. In the hotel and catering industry, 308,000 positions are to be filled, among which there is a strong demand for the positions of Revenue Manager, management controller, housekeeper and hotel manager.

Today, the majority of companies and recruitment firms are limited to posting job offers on their site or on recruitment platforms while waiting for candidates to arrive. However, 57% of candidates are on passive watch: they are not actively looking for a new position but remain open to opportunities. Today, only 59% of search managers consult job offers (Baromètre APEC, 4e trimestre 20222.

How do you recruit those profiles who are not actively applying?

By going straight for them!

The right candidates are to be considered not as customers but as prospects: a customer already knows your company and your products (here in this case the job offers), this is not the case with the prospect. The recruiter thus becomes an “ambassador”, responsible for hunting the heads of the right candidates to convince them to join his company or the company of his client, as Leaderia does.

This phenomenon of passive monitoring is particularly widespread within the agricultural and agri-food sectors, due to the strong demand from companies in these sectors. While in the hotel and catering industry, professionals changed jobs shortly after the reopenings, which induces a lower response rate to offers. Going directly to meet candidates is therefore essential for these sectors.

How to contact and convince a passive standby candidate?

Just like a prospect, there is a methodology to use:

  • Take Care of Your Employer Brand
  • Take a step back: what are the must-have skills you’re looking for?
  • What type of candidate will your position be a career progression for?
  • Exit candidate clones and 5-legged sheep! Be accompanied, if necessary, by an expert consultant in the sector
  • Target together the profiles to contact P
  • repare your pitch to convince the candidate in the interview
  • Do peer-to-peer interviews based on a real exchange and not a game of questions and answers Be authentic in your presentation of the position and the company: you are the best ambassador for your team!


Adopting a multi-channel strategy to distribute offers to recruit is no longer enough for candidates. The recruiter, a headhunting specialist, is a professional and expert in this activity. He will know how to put in place a basic strategy in order to find the best candidate for the position.

Les candidats sont-ils des prospects ?

With this statement, I wish to highlight the quality of Leaderia’s support, starting with the time allotted to understanding our need and DNA, and the relevance of the questions asked during the briefing meeting [...]

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