How to optimize a succession plan through internal mobility?

The departure of an employee is never an easy situation both for his team and for the company itself. To face this challenge, the best solution is to put in place a succession plan. You can also prepare the internal mobility of your employees in advance to manage the departure of one of your employees in an efficient and humane way.

Two choices are then possible: proceed to an external recruitment or promote internal mobility.

To promote internal mobility, we recommend intervening with risk identification tools such as skills gaps.

The objective is to carry out a diagnosis of career development which makes it possible to evaluate, orient and identify skills at the right time and in the right position. You first establish detailed descriptions of key functions. You then identify potential successors by evaluating them in a context-specific exercise based on their experience.

Your managerial choice is thus anticipated, optimized and successful. This action is an act of capital management!

Optimiser une succession avec la mobilité interne

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