Food supply chains: How to respond to the looming war for talent?

The economic recovery promises to be vigorous in France, INSEE now expects growth of 6%, and notes that with 321,000 additional salaried jobs the unemployment rate has already returned to its pre-crisis level, thus provoking a war talent between companies.

The food chain offers a variety of professions and unsuspected prospects, recruitment needs are significant. As you will have understood, this sector occupies a prominent place in the French economy but suffers from a lack of image.

In this context, the Leaderia firm recommends taking great care in the recruitment process. Indeed, better recruiting will be a matter of a subtle balance between rigor and creativity, with a balance to be found between managing the aspirations and new expectations of employees and the interests of the company.

The first contacts with the company will be essential. They must be experienced positively to attract the right talent. The recruiter should not hesitate to highlight the company, in the form of “Employer brand”: the values ​​carried by the company, the advantages of joining it. Do not hesitate to use testimonials from operational staff who will know how to talk about their job perfectly.

The quality of online content presenting the company, the simplicity of the process for applying, the speed of application review times, the ability to deal with people during the process, are also essential conditions for successful recruitment. Candidates, even those who will be disqualified, must have had a good positive experience during the recruitment operation.

Recruitment was historically in the hands of the employer, it is gradually moving towards those of the candidate, hence the term “war” used to talk about talent.

Offering an experience that meets the expectations of candidates has therefore become a prerequisite.

guerre des talents agroalimentaires

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