Ensuring the longevity of a candidate

Ensuring the longevity of a candidate in a position begins right from the start of the recruitment process. It requires continuous attention and efforts to ensure the successful integration of the new employee into the company.

It is essential to establish an effective and thoughtful recruitment process based on concrete elements. It is important to avoid common pitfalls. Let’s discuss these points in this article.

What is a sustainable candidate?


To succeed in recruitment, it is important to ensure the long-term stability of the candidate in the chosen position. In sectors such as agri-food or hospitality and catering, this task is not always easy.

  • In agri-food, for example, a recruitment is considered sustainable when the hired candidate remains in the same position for a minimum of 3 to 5 years with growth prospects.
  • In hospitality and catering, a successful and sustainable recruitment typically requires a minimum of 2 to 3 years in the same position with opportunities for career advancement.


What are the steps in the recruitment and follow-up process that contribute to the longevity of a candidate?


A recruitment expert should be able to determine whether a candidate will stay in a position for a sufficient amount of time even before they join the company. Deciphering the candidate’s background and career goals becomes crucial at this stage. Here are some questions to consider during candidate evaluation:

  • Does the candidate tend to switch positions or companies frequently? What are the reasons behind this?
  • Is the candidate actively seeking a job change in the immediate future?
  • What are their medium and long-term goals?
  • What is the candidate’s mobility in the medium and long term, such as long commutes or relocations?
  • What are the candidate’s real motivations and personal constraints?
  • How might they impact their decision-making in the medium and long term?


Pitfalls to avoid to minimize risks


One common mistake is overselling the position to attract qualified and experienced candidates. This practice often leads to frustration and demotivation when the new employee feels underutilized and undervalued. It is important to present the position to candidates honestly and transparently. Here are some recommendations:

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the position openly.
  • Address any potential challenges or roadblocks and work together to find solutions.
  • Ensure that the position aligns with the candidate’s abilities and expectations.


The company should also demonstrate its commitment to employee development. Identifying internal growth opportunities, such as expanding the scope of the position or offering competitive compensation, can help retain recruited candidates.


Solutions for successful and sustainable recruitment


To ensure long-term recruitment success, it is important to establish a comprehensive and efficient recruitment process. Engaging an external recruitment agency can be an ideal solution for companies that lack the expertise or internal resources.

The agency will handle the recruitment process in close collaboration with the company. Their expertise and tools will be employed to select the most suitable candidate, utilizing techniques such as

  • proven interview methods
  • reference checks
  • personalized tests to assess qualities and expectations.

Regular feedback exchanges with both the candidate and the company will allow for adjustments and revisions, if necessary.


Ensuring successful integration


Each of these steps contributes to an effective and successful recruitment process. However, the role of the recruitment agency does not end there. Once the candidate is hired, it is important to ensure a smooth integration process and verify that the position aligns with their expectations. Regular phone check-ins with the candidate can provide insights into their situation and impressions, allowing any issues to be addressed promptly. Similarly, maintaining regular communication with the client is essential to address any areas of concern.

For example, during a recruitment mission carried out by Leaderia, the client realized that the newly hired hotel director had underestimated the level of commitment required by the company during the initial weeks of their appointment. The consultant from the agency relayed this information neutrally to the candidate, who promptly adjusted their approach.


Choosing the right recruitment agency


Engaging an external recruitment agency often ensures the longevity of the candidate. However, it is important to choose an agency that can provide transparent insights about the recruitment process, including challenges, benefits, drawbacks, and difficulties. They should avoid overselling the position to candidates and overselling candidates to the client.

The agency should demonstrate the ability to provide quality advice, define the job description and ideal profile in collaboration with the company, and actively support both the company and the candidates throughout the negotiation process, considering factors such as notice period, compensation, and job-related benefits. They should exhibit strong interviewing skills to address any areas of concern and facilitate constructive and pragmatic exchanges to finalize the best candidate.


Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing a recruitment agency:


  • Don’t be swayed by empty promises
  • Check the reputation and notoriety of the agency
  • Recommendations can be helpful
  • Understand the team composition and their expertise
  • Familiarize yourself with the agency’s methodology and tools
  • Arrange a physical or virtual meeting to discuss the job brief
  • Evaluate the level of support provided, such as advice, replacement guarantees, and client retention rates
  • Assess their ability to challenge the job requirements
  • Choose an agency that adheres to certifications such as diversity charters, membership in professional associations, responsible recruitment charters, ISO standards, etc.
  • Choose an agency that aligns with your values
  • Consider the budgetary aspects.
Comment assurer la pérennité d'un candidat sur un poste ?

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