Between an atypical profile and a route mapped out in advance, a happy medium?

Self-taught, high potential, multi-potential… So many terms that we find when talking about atypical profiles in companies. Still, aren’t we all a bit of someone else’s atypical profile?

The advantages of atypical profiles are many:

– Ability to think outside the box

– Quick learning abilities

– Adaptability, agility

– Attraction for novelty, curiosity

– Ability to transfer skills and knowledge from one experience or situation to another.

– Dynamism

Finally, all of this contributes to bringing a breath of fresh air to the integrated structures, to questioning the existing and to moving the lines.

Good news: “atypical” profiles in the traditional sense of the term do not have the prerogative of these qualities. Any career path can actually be deemed unconventional for a given position, industry and company. I am out of the ordinary in the eyes of the agri-food sector if I come from the automotive industry, from production if I come from the supply chain, from the large group if I come from a startup, etc.

So it’s about setting our standard and putting the cursor in the right place to find the right balance between the need of the business and that of the person.

For example :

– If my main challenge as a recruiter is in the technical aspect of the position, then the expert profile remains to be preferred.

– If my challenge is in management, project management or innovation, then the advantages of an offbeat profile (outside the sector, organization or different profession) and fair support will easily compensate for the missing technicality.

Linear careers have now largely given way to more diverse paths, making them rich for certain positions and companies. These career transitions require multiple qualities (adaptability, agility, curiosity, perspective, versatility, etc.), which correspond precisely to the skills sought and necessary for the evolution of our organizations and their performance.

Placed in the right place, for the right projects, valued and supported, people with “non-standard” backgrounds will be real driving forces in our companies.

profil atypique ou parcours parfait ?

With this statement, I wish to highlight the quality of Leaderia’s support, starting with the time allotted to understanding our need and DNA, and the relevance of the questions asked during the briefing meeting [...]

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