Restaurant, the new deal!

With the reopening of establishments, catering professionals have experienced a gradual recovery with attendance rates rising between 60 and 90%. But over the whole of 2021, the catering sector will remain far from its pre-crisis level with. According to various surveys, one activity is still down compared to 2019.

But beyond the figures, the crisis has led to a change in consumer purchasing behavior. Delivery and take-out have become established and are now an integral part of the restaurant customer journey. The success of “ghost” restaurants is also a testament to changing demand and new consumer habits.

To develop delivery and take-out, restaurateurs had to adopt new digital tools, learn how to do digital advertising. Their model is also impacted: they now have to manage a room at the same time as deliveries.

New consumer habits have therefore permanently changed the contours of catering. Restaurant owners will capitalize on their efforts while building on the strengths of pre-crisis catering: the social connection allowed by the physical establishment, a quality menu, in order to attract and retain their customers.

La nouvelle donne des restaurateurs

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