BLURRING, a new english word that is appearing in the world of work

From the verb “to blur” in English, which translates to “flouter” in French. The advent of digital technology and teleworking are at the origin of this phenomenon, blurring. It is not new, but it has increased in recent months. It is the boundary between professional life and personal life that has been blurred.

New ways of working offer more flexibility and freedom, now it is possible to work on the train, at home, on the terrace, late at night, early in the morning, on vacation… Check your e-mails or answer calls professionals outside of working hours has become normal.

Non-stop access to company information therefore requires discipline on the part of employers and employees to avoid saturation.

Indeed, this hyper-connection can have the repercussion of a drop in the quality of work and performance, it can become a real addiction.

Some ways to escape this addiction:

  • Delete email alerts from your phone
  • Within your team, only allow emails to be sent in defined time slots
  • Do not bring your laptop home when the situation allows it
  • Maintain a healthy work pace and lead by example
  • Meditate…

The right to disconnect, which came into force in January 2017, was adopted to adapt labor law to the digital age

Attention au blurring : le flou entre vie pro et vie perso

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