Returning from expatriation, how do I manage?

It’s decided, expat life is behind you, the return to France is imminent!

How to manage this new beginning after an expatriation?

Very often, companies are very attentive to your departure and that of your family but leave aside the last stage: that of your return. The lack of preparation and follow-up can lead to difficulties when returning from expatriation. The latter often causes employees to lose social relationships and knowledge about the organization. Also 47% of employees leave the company within 2 years of returning

(Source : Paris Attitude – 2018).

Manage in a progressive and balanced way

Reintegrating and reassuring recruiters about your professional project are a priority upon return.

To do this, we go step by step by:

  • Following the logic of his professional career
  • Prioritizing the same field of activity
  • Valuing their international experience, even if the country is geographically close
  • Listening to his counterparts back in France

The various agricultural, agri-food and hotel-catering sectors are particularly rich in methods, processes and products: practices change according to countries and cultures. “What methods can I transpose to France? “, “How do I manage to rehabilitate myself, to reintegrate myself? » : ask yourself the right questions to make a successful return, while developing the skills acquired during your experience. Returning to work is considered the 1st difficulty for 42% of expatriates: companies do not always know what position or mission to entrust to them. Also, getting closer to your network allows you to rediscover your country and your sector of activity, such as agricultural equipment, agri-food or the hotel and catering industry.

The benchmarks being different, it is important to:

  • Take an interest in what hppened during the expatriation
  • Be proactive professionally and personally
  • Stay agile in the first months of return
  • Accept that the contours of the situation are not completely defined


The testimony of a candidate from our network

Expatriated to the United States from 2018 to May 2021

“It is true that the shock can be harsh. The companies are preparing our departure well, but not really our return. When I returned to France, I did not want to be transferred within my company and I was therefore looking for a job. You have to accept to navigate in troubled waters and not to stabilize everything right away because when I came back to Lyon, I was not sure of staying, depending on the job that my husband and I were going to find! The advice I can give is to reach out to other expats, as their help with the paperwork is crucial! There are associations, WhatsApp groups to help each other.”

Expatriation is a great opportunity on a professional and human level. The return takes time to take place in the best conditions, so value your experience, be patient, listening to your organization and your professional wishes.

And you, how was your return from expatriation?

comment gérer le retour d'expatrition

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