Praise of pragmatism during a recruitment

“On paper, the position interests me”, “overall, the distance seems surmountable to me”, “a priori, the company looks healthy”. This is a good introduction. But for a successful recruitment, it is necessary to hunt vagueness, inaccuracies and generalities of all kinds.

To do this, you need to project yourself in a concrete and pragmatic way. When you are introduced to the role, try to imagine yourself in the day-to-day role of the role, from the moment you walk out the door in the morning to go to work:

  • How far to walk every day? What potential impact on your health and private life? How long will this organization be comfortable for you? In the event of long transport time or geographical celibacy: what are the short-medium-long-term risks for you, your family and the company? Have you thought about talking about it with your family?
  • What actions will be taken on a daily basis? For what ? From whom ? With what means? Are the means available sufficient to achieve the objectives? Can you be asked to carry out actions contrary to your values? Can the strategy change from day to day? What could be the impact on your position and your longevity in the company?
  • Remember to ask for concrete illustrations, examples, figures. Give some from your side too. It is through the story of situations experienced that we reassure candidates and recruiters. We talk to you about the values ​​of the company: ask how they translate concretely into the daily life of employees.

  • Meet on site. Meet your potential future n+1, future team, etc. Take the opportunity to observe behavior: are people smiling? Do they look happy? What is the atmosphere like in the hallways and at the coffee machine?

Question and question yourself without being satisfied with general answers, look for the proofs. You will thus save yourself disappointments, disappointments, quick passages in a company and shortened trial periods of all kinds.

Flore Givelet, Head of the Recherche Department

eloge du pragmatisme

With this statement, I wish to highlight the quality of Leaderia’s support, starting with the time allotted to understanding our need and DNA, and the relevance of the questions asked during the briefing meeting [...]

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