Job Search: What about my relatives in all of this?

2020 is coming to an end, and you’ve filled yourself with resolutions to conquer the job market in 2021. You’re full of energy, and your schedule is already overflowing with plans, including networking interviews!

However, there might be one obstacle in your path: 2020 hasn’t provided many opportunities for sharing and exchanging with your loved ones—family and friends—about your project. Yet, this is a fundamental step!

  • Your relatives know you well: They can help you gain a clear vision of how your project aligns with your true self and provide honest feedback. Seek their advice while maintaining a balanced perspective (filtering well-intentioned but sometimes biased remarks).
  • They are part of your closest circle of connections, activating them can provide valuable testimonials and information, and they can recommend you to expand your network and secure an interview.
  • They are a guarantee of your well-being: They offer comforting and supportive listening in times of difficulty, encouragement, a push when needed to move forward, or a welcome moment of relaxation. Your immediate family also helps maintain a stable routine if you are unemployed—adapt your schedule to theirs to maintain temporary stability.
  • Make them your guinea pigs: Get their feedback on your resume, practice job interviews with them, and more.

Remember that your loved ones are also affected by your career changes: Take the time to listen and observe their feelings and concerns. Let them share their perception of these changes—your professional project is only valid if it aligns with your personal aspirations.

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