I lack skills: do I apply or do I not apply?

You just came across an ad that describes your dream job, but you don’t have all the skills required. How well can you apply and how do you address these skill gaps?

– Before applying, analyze the offer and identify the really essential knowledge and skills:

  • high technicality
  • knowledge of the particularities of a sector
  • language skills
  • etc

– If you have these essential skills or skills that are similar and easily transposable without the targeted activity, do not hesitate to apply.

– If you do not have the essentials and your knowledge is difficult to transpose, it is a safe bet that the tric of CVs will not retain your application, opt instead for a network work or a spontaneous application if you wish to join the company concerned.

– Highlight in your CV the elements that will allow you to take the job and succeed: show through your CV that you have grasped the challenges of the offer and that you will be able to respond to them.

– Focus on your soft skills. Soft skills can compensate for a lack of skills. Demonstrate desire, flexibility, dynamism. Show that you will be able to put everything in place to prove yourself quickly and you will easily reassure the recruiter.

– In the interview, be attentive, patient, open and transparent: you will identify all the more easily the needs of the recruiter and respond to them in a reassuring and appropriate way by building a relationship of trust.

– Remember that the 5-legged sheep does not exist. Companies are most often aware of this. If their ad describes the ideal profile, the requirement is often more measured during the selection.

– If necessary, take the time to train yourself, the offers are numerous and the methods more and more practical!

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