How to talk about your employer in an interview?

How to broach the subject of your former company during a job interview? The question is difficult! You have many reasons for wanting to leave your company, your boss, your team. Is it necessary and relevant to declaim the exhaustive list in the interview? If your goal is to captivate, convince and above all reassure the recruiter, perhaps it is wise to do some sorting and a little “positive thinking” exercise. Forget bitterness and resentment, see the glass of water half full!

So how about one’s former company?

Whatever your sector of activity, the question will probably be asked in a job interview, it allows the recruiter to better understand the reasons for your application.

Yes, your current work situation has you considering a change, and your current business environment may be making you nervous:

  • A management style that no longer suits you (eg restructuring of an industrial site in a food processing plant)
  • Different expectations on working conditions (e.g. in the hotel and catering industry, some employers are implementing a 4-day week)
  • A greater need for recognition or consideration
  • A wish to evolve more quickly (ex: the agricultural machinery sector offers rapid evolutions)


Hiding the truth is also not the best option: the recruiter is also there to ensure that you stay in the job and therefore that you are fulfilled there. Transparency will help the recruiter find the right job for you. Say you’re looking instead!

Finally, stay factual and don’t overreact on this topic. This exchange allows the recruiter to better define your career and company wishes but also to analyze your loyalty to your previous company:

  • Stay objective in your job description
  • Stay neutral when talking about your former manager
  • Be transparent about your reasons for applying
  • Talk more about what you want than what you don’t want

Mention only the reasons that lead you to change company, or even position. The recruiter does not need to know the other elements, it is less important. Choosing to speak positively will put you in a more favorable position towards the person in front of you.

Also discuss the positives of this experience:

  • Development of new skills
  • Rebound ability
  • Ability to question yourself
  • Taking a step back on your professional project

Finally, transform your negative experiences into a real springboard: they are what allow you to define more clearly what you want to follow in your professional career:

  • What qualities do you want in your future manager?
  • What atmosphere are you looking for in your next team?
  • What missions you want to progress on ?
  • The responsibilities you want to take
  • The scope of actions you want to manage


The agricultural, agri-food and hotel sectors are sectors where the networks are strong and narrow. The recruiter you meet knows other clients and may make other proposals. So our advice as a recruiter is to leave a good impression when this subject is brought up: you will be perceived as a loyal person with a clear idea of ​​what they want.

Comment parler de son ancien employeur en entretien ?

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