How do you react when a recruiter refuses?

It was the job of your dreams, everything was perfect: the missions, the company, the location, the salary and the benefits offered. PBut after 1 or more interviews the recruiter informs you of his refusal to continue. So how do you react to this bad news?

First, it’s about not making this decision personally. The recruiter made a decision in a professional context and according to precise specifications. Next, don’t insist on promoting your skills and motivation: you’ve already done that in the interview.

So what is the right course of action to end this process on a positive note?

  • Respond to the recruiter: either by email or a call. Responding to the recruiter to thank him and get feedback will leave him with a positive impression of you. This will highlight your ability to question yourself, which is useful for the future. The position could be opened again later. If the recruiter works for a recruiting firm, they may offer you other positions if they have a good impression of you.


  • Be positive: if you were not selected, it is not personal. It is surely because the recruiter or the manager did not project you in the position. Several reasons are possible:

    • Another candidate with skills better suited to the position

    • A personality more in line with that of the rest of the team

    • Values ​​different from those of the company.


  • Reread the interview: from the feedback given by the recruiter, assess your expectations, your skills and your values. Was the meeting ill-prepared? Was I in a bad mood? How to do better next time? Are you looking to work in a large group or an SME? Are your salary expectations and skills in line with the market? What values ​​do you want to find in your future company? This will save you from applying all over the place and thinking about the position that will really suit you. Be pragmatic in your search and patient in finding the right position.


The refusal of a recruiter is not a fatality or bad news but the way to bounce back and improve for your next applications. Keep in mind that the recruiter is also a human being and that he is a new contact for your network and may contact you later for a position more in line with your search.

Comment réagir au refus d'un recruteur ?

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