For a successful resignation…

Here are some keys to gracefully exit and successfully resign from your current company:

  • Do things in the right order: Firstly, announce your departure to your manager. It would be highly inappropriate for them to hear it through office gossip. Then, take care to inform your colleagues, clients, suppliers, etc.
  • Present your resignation in writing (via registered mail, which provides proof if necessary) and follow up with an oral discussion.
  • Be clear and firm in expressing your decision. Be cautious if your company tries to retain you. Changing your mind at this point can be risky, as it may reflect poorly on your commitment and decision-making abilities. Assess and consider this based on the situation.
  • Regardless of the reasons for your departure, remain polite and professional. A contentious exit can jeopardize your reputation, so avoid it if possible.
  • Whenever feasible, be mindful of the consequences of your departure for the company and try to anticipate them. If circumstances allow, plan for your replacement and consider providing training to your successor, for example.
  • Take care during your notice period: Continue to handle your tasks diligently and make it easier for your successor. Your reputation is at stake once again.

Remember to express gratitude and acknowledge the learning experiences and good times you had. Consider showing appreciation to your colleagues upon your departure (personalized thanks, a farewell gathering, etc.) to successfully resign and end on a positive note.

Comment réussir sa démission ?

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