Technical industries

Head of production – Machining and high technology – Center of France

A technical expert position on a niche market with scarce and extremely specific skills. We are recruiting for a key company in the world of design and production of injection tooling. Located in France and abroad for some of its sites, the company is experiencing a large development.

Our candidate manages a team of 40 people and is in charge of the production activities on the whole production unit. He/she also has to strengthen the strategic development of the company on new markets. Machining technics are to be mastered.

Through this job replacement, the applicant will have to reduce non-quality, increase profitability, gather the team and vehicle a positive and dynamic spirit.


R&D engineer – Automotive area – South West of France

An expertise required in the sector of fluids and liquids for one of the global leaders of electrostatic spray equipment for liquid or powder paint, especially in the automotive area. This is the challenge of our recruitment.

We are looking for a R&D expert with a specialization on fluids (paint, food liquids, oil, etc…) in order to develop new solutions by respecting sustainability, optimizing the already existing products and creating new ones.


Occupational doctor – Chemistry/Pharmacy – Region of Paris

Our client is the worldwide leader of chemical industry, whose activity fields are agriculture and industry. We are recruiting an occupational doctor, a position with a great impact, all the more so considering the company’s business sector.

The mission? To take the responsibilities linked to health problems at work and to guarantee the implementation and the respect of performance standards on a local stage.

The stake is clear: protecting the life and health of each employee on the workplace and to help the company keep its products from sanitary risks, be it for employees, clients and large audience.


Head of wine department – Distribution – Region of Paris

We work here for the leader of French networks of drinks for the out-of-home restauration. In this sector, competition is fierce. Read more…


Head of project R&D – Agrofood industry – Region of Bordeaux

As a leader in the distribution sector thanks to its bakery and frozen products and thanks to the support of a major French group on the agrofood market, Read more…


Multi-site plant Manager – Technical expert – Petfood – West of France

We are here working on a position in the upfront of the agrofood industry, in the dairy sector with drying and formulation processes. Read more…