Processing department

This department was born from customers who spontaneously gave us recruitment projects to manage with technical specificities that really interested us. As a result, we created a close-knit network in this area while developing a large-scale database of candidates and customers with increasingly defined targets.

This c. USD 70 million global market worth 2 million tons (2019) generates annual growth of 3% on a long-term basis with sub-sectors that could achieve 8% growth (algae, enzymes, food supplements).

The ingredients market – commodity and specialty – is fast-growing, propelled on the one hand by consumers looking for new healthier and more organic (NutriScore, Clean label…) alternatives, and on the other by younger generations who aspire to new sensory experiences (a quest for the exotic, mixing of tastes, textures, colors, new inspirations and many more).

We work hand-in-hand multinational groups and large corporations, pathfinders of food ingredients as well as SME experts in niche markets with unique processes and know-how.

Drawing on our razor-sharp expertise, we have started recruiting for a related sector of activity: life sciences (chemistry, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.) where the ingredients are actively used and where analogies with food are more relevant than ever. We have already successfully completed projects for globally renowned life sciences players.

At Leaderia, we recruit the following positions:

  • Head of Pilot Center
  • R&D Director
  • Head of Quality Engineer
  • R&D Process Director
  • R&D Product Director
  • Formulation Engineer
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Application Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Market Manager
Distribution – Retail – Foodservice – Export
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