We are specialists on recruitment of executives, top executives and experts through total or mixed direct approach within the agrofood industries.

We thus lead all the process of identifying-finding-shortlisting-integrating while:

  • Targeting the best people of the market thanks to our economic intelligence approach: we create an appropriate hunting ground based on our knowledge of the sector and identifications of analogies.
  • Shortlisting the best profiles over the phone and then in face-to-face interviews with support of personality tests (SOSIE, PfPI) and intellectual capacities (Raven’s Apm III , Watson Glaser III, Dat : Differential Aptitude Test )…
  • Supporting you in assessment and the big steps of the process (salary to grant according to market situation, check of internal applications, debrief to candidates, managerial advice…).
  • Integrating the new employee (integration follow-up every quarter until the end of the guarantee period and sometimes even after)
Our specialisations