Discover how the adventure of LeaderIA started 

LeaderIA was born from the alliance of two core ideas:

  • “Leader” because we recruit leading top executive profiles with top-of-the-range methods and an entrepreneurial approach.
  • IA for Identification of Analogies between expertises and skills in our sectors of specialization for all of our projects.
  • IA for Agro-food Industries – our original specialization on which we have worked particularly hard since the beginning of LeaderIA and built our European reputation.

The history of our adventure:

  • 2009: Creation of LeaderIA
  • 2012: the company begins its approach of continuous improvement thanks to its quality system: ISO 9001.
  • 2012: LeaderIA is signatory of the Charter of Diversity.
  • 2013: launching of the publication of our newsletters.
  • 2014: third change of our workplace in order to double the surface of our office and to be located in the Central Business District of Paris.
  • 2015: LeaderIA becomes a member of the SYNTEC and signatory of the Charter of the Responsible Recruitment.
  • 2016: our CRM with its cutting edge technics is developed and the new team built.
« This is when I was finishing my studies of Haut Enseignement Commercial and preparing my oral exams to enter one of the best French Business School that I met a consultant specialized in recruitment who helped me a lot at this very decisive step of my career. I found out how recruiting someone for a company might continuously influence the future of a firm, an institution, or a person ! I then got passionate about this job and tried to really understand what working as a consultant means. My choice was to start with two successful operational experiences at the service of global manufacturers, leaders in their industries. How to take part to the continuous and profitable growth of our economy and our firms and how to contribute to the development of candidates that we recruit – in a long-term manner ? This is the equation on which we are working every day, with the greatest passion. »
Louis-Simon Faure

Why choosing LeaderIA?

Who are we ? Why us more than another ?
We are a recruiting consultancy made of multilingual profiles with complementary backgrounds, passionate about detecting and matching talents. For us, recruiting is above all a story to build between men and women who work well together if their skills and (especially) their personalities fit. We look thus for personalities with a very high potential, able to perfectly adapt your knowledge, know-how and know-how-to-be, at the most core-positions of your firm.

What does our company do?
We recruit for you the best profiles of top executives and managers in our 4 sectors of activities. The recruitment with mixed or total direct approach, the assessment and the managerial support are our fields of expertise.

What is our added value ?
This is thus within these areas of business that we build bridges of skills thanks to our economic intelligence approach, in order to bring added value to your company. This founding and disruptive principle is the base of our name : I for Identification, A for Analogies. As a consequence, our candidates give you a new and relevant vision on your activities.

Why should I trust you ?
We work very closely together and our quality commitments strongly reinforce our involvement towards you and the reliability of our work. We are certified 9001 by the Afnor (we are certified ISO 9001 as a firm and in our activities of assessment and recruitment), signatory of the Responsible Recruitment and of the Charter of the Diversity.  These significant commitments have a strong impact on our collaboration with you (respect of People, of the timings defined with you, of a rate of candidates from the total direct approach, of a rate of non-resumed projects, 0 non-compliance in our projects, and a systematic satisfaction survey sent at the end of the project). The continuous improvement is our main goal for you – we constantly adapt to your needs and requirements.

Our ambitions for you
Leaderia has and will always have the will to meet your requirements in terms of recruitment, assessment and support – regardless of market, emergency and scarcity/technicity of the position.

As a matter of fact, we will work, once again, not only thanks to our Economic Intelligence approach but also to our very good network of experts which brings us reliable information in real time, especially through our 3 brands Workshop Réseaux et analogies (Workshop Network& Analogies), Entreprise & Réflexion (Enterprise & Thinking) and LeaderIA Network & Business Club.

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