Recruitment, why not use the “reframing” technique?

In a world in full mutation where the majority of jobs of tomorrow do not yet exist, recruiting an atypical profile can facilitate the transformation of a company.

This is all the more true in this period of pandemic where many organizations have had to pivot their activity in an accelerated manner.

Multi-talented, zebra, self-taught… people with an atypical profile stand out. They often scare!

To do this, a technique can help to identify the right profile: “reframing” or “reframing”.

This technique opens the way to creative solutions by changing the interpretation of a situation, behavior or person. It thus allows you to review your selection criteria and your CV reading.

The idea is not to remain a prisoner of a traditional way of thinking, you must be able to approach a situation from another angle and ignore the profiles that seem familiar.

Advantages of hiring an atypical profile:

  • The contribution of a different perspective through their open-mindedness
  • Their strong learning ability
  • Their capacity to perform a wide range of diverse tasks
  • Their ability to be a source of innovation
  • The diversity of their knowledge
  • Their contagious motivation

How to recognize an atypical profile:

  • A frequently disjointed resume with regular sector changes
  • A resume reflecting a strong personality
  • Self-taught individuals with few diplomas but extensive experience and knowledge in the relevant fields
  • Or, on the contrary, individuals with multiple degrees
  • Involvement in associations: sports coach, association president, union leader…
  • Frequent travelers

Rare profiles, indeed not easy to manage, but they bring significant benefits to companies that invest in them!

recruter des profils atypiques

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