How does meaning help attract candidates to catering?

After several years in the music sector, Julien Delcey launched into entrepreneurship and in 2008 created a first third place, soon followed by others: Le Comptoir Général.

On the subject of recruitment, Julien recruits CDIs, seasonal workers and extras and contrary to appearances, the hardest to fill are the CDIs. He notes that the meaning and the relationship to the CDI have changed among the candidates: they compartmentalize more private life and professional life, a particularly difficult issue to grasp in the catering industry.

Sinny & Ooko is part of the territories thanks to its third places which provoke meetings between different companies but also serve to train local people for their professional reintegration project.

This sense of the company’s project, inscribed in the social and solidarity economy, makes it possible to attract candidates in catering, professional reorientation, in search of meaning in their work, but also these younger generations, more volatile, for whom the themes environmental and social are important.

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