Interim Management in food chains

Our department Interim Management provides you with a solution within on average 48h that allows companies to fill vacant strategical positions.

The interim Manager is a former seasoned manager who supports his/her customer for a fixed period of time thanks to his/her technical skills and high-level management aptitudes. Immediately operationnal and extremely flexible, the interim manager guarantees the quality of the projects he/she carries out and leads the operationnal teams.

What does Interim Management mean ?

Interim Management is the solution that offer specialized consultancies (in food chains for instance) within a very short time to customers who need to carry out a project or solve a strategical problem, without recruiting someone on a long-term basis.

Interim Management is a service we have already offered for years to meet the requirements of specific transformations : growth, crisis management, digital transformation, optimization, replacement of a missing manager or to fill a position vacant for a long time. Interim Management aims at externalizing temporarily (because the interim manager is not legally an employee of your company), for one or several specific projects, managerial and leading functions of a firm.

Leaderia is a consultancy specialized in food chains transition

We are specialized in interim Management in food chains : farming, transformation of raw material, distribution, hospitality-catering, and operate on different issues :


  • Digital transformation
  • Processus optimization


  • Sales development
  • Internationalization


  • Absent managers
  • Need for a temporary project

Long recruitment processes

  • Too long processes
  • Hasty departure of a manager

Our interim Managers come directly from your sectors of activity and have thus operational and managerial experiences in these areas.

For example :

  • Poultry technical referent
  • Head of oleaginous transport operations
  • Head of industrial site
  • Head of quality site
  • Head of production bakery & pastry
  • Controlled temperature Logistics manager
  • Head of order-to-cash for ultra fresh products
  • Life-cycle manager for well-being and healthy products

The Hospitality and Catering sector being very specific, we offer a dedicated interim management for this sector. For more information an dedicated offer is here :

Interim Management for Hospitality & Catering

A customized support

As soon as we know about your need, we immediately look for the best Interim Managers. Thanks to our qualitative database of candidates, we introduce to you a shortlist of seasoned candidates under 48 hours, directly coming from food chains and instantaneousely operationnal to meet your expectations.

We particularly care about the adequation between the manager and the DNA of your firm, because we are convinced this is the key factor of success !

Each organization has its own needs and rythm. We thus provide you with a manager working at the appropriate frequency for you. You may be supported on a full time or a part time basis, according to the required regularity.

We want to be and stay your and your managers’ partners. This is why we want to suggest you, when this is suitable, to grant them a salary with bonus, non commissionned, if the objectives are achieved.

Once started, our Head of Interim Management will be here for you during the whole project to make sure timings are respected, to guarantee the quality of deliverables and internal relations between the Interim Manager and your company. Regular follows-up are thus organized according to the periodicity you prefer.

Who are Interim Managers ?

The Interim Managers we shortlist are all seasoned professionals with experience of management in agrofood sector : farming, transformation, distribution, hospitality & catering. Thanks to their strong listening skills, as the project starts, they are fully able to perfeclty understand your stakes of transformation and your objectives and are thus operational and ready to work together with your team since the first day of the assignment. Mobile and immediately available, they are able to give the appropriate answer to your « emergent recuitments ».

We personnally know all our Interim Managers present in our database, which allows us to guarantee the best adequation between their skills, personalities and your culture.

The excellence Leaderia

Since its creation, Leaderia is specialized in food chains « from the Field to the Fork ». We cover the sectors linked to food and beverage. Our transverse expertise provides us with a particular proximity with professionnals of the sector and to be the partners of our customers and candidates.

After a significant career as a Human Resources Director, Laurence, our Head of Interim Management became a Consultant in Interim Manager 12 years ago. Her experience allows her to build a large network of managers willing to give their support to companies and projects on a short period of time. Thanks to her knowkledge of their skills and motivations, she can insure the ideal matching between candidates and companies to immediately answer to recruitment issues while providing you with an excellent support.

In order to offer the best quality of service, Leaderia is certified ISO 9001. This norm Insurance Quality for consultancies