Franco-German Axis

LeaderIA is also strong of a Franco-German dimension in his recruitment activities. We help German companies in the agricultural and agri-food industries to develop on the French market by identifying attractive profiles:

  • Bilingual, most often trilingual, with mobility in France and in Germany
  • French market experts with strong intercultural skills to work with Germany
  • Candidates with a viable network in both markets, ideal for finding sales solutions on the French market
  • Specialists in the agriculture and agri-food industries

Our strengths :

  • Specialised bilingual French and German or even trilingual consultants, highly aware of French and German intercultural specificities
  • Excellent knowledge of the French and German markets (recruitment for Franco-German clients, presence at international trade fairs in Europe including Germany and France)
  • A pool of bicultural profiles with experience in the development of German companies on the French market
  • A counterpart partner in Germany specialised in our field to support us locally
  • Presence on multiple networks specialized on the Franco-German market (French-German Chamber of Commerce, Job Connect, LinkedIn, Xing …)

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