1• For each mission entrusted to us, we commit to meet you face to face or via Skype.

2• We guarantee a transparent and honest exchange, giving you precise and complete information for each offered position.

3• We commit to evaluating your application regarding only your skills in direct link with the offered position.

4• We commit to offering you positions matching your personality and motivation

5• We keep confidential all information you give us which might not be directly related to the current recruitment.

6• We ensure a follow-up of your application all along the recruitment process with constructive feedback at each step.

7• We ensure an advisor’s role.

8• We guarantee you a reliable evaluation via the use of scientific tools such as the SOSIE, the PfPI or even intellectual aptitude tests …

9• We follow-up your integration during the first months of your onboarding.

10• We are committed to respecting GPDR’s guidelines in terms of personal data protection

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