We perfectly master the integrality of the food sector and their value chains ?

We recruit for you the best executives and managers of the market « from the field to the fork » : farming, agrofood industry, distribution and hospitality & catering…

Your stakes are ours : we provide you with a solution for each need

We use direct approach methods to recruit your teams, we are able to assess your employees thanks to assessments and we also provide you with professional management support within your organization.

What are your benefits to work with us ?

1• We advise you :

  • We build skills bridges while identifying executives and managers withing related sectors,
  • We perfectly know your markets and their specificities,
  • We help you with a relevant and trustful support to make your organization evolve.

2• We support your efficiency and profitability :

  • We have the capacity to quickly find at the right place people bringing high added value to your company and who will definitely be the strong pillars of your organization,
  • We already have a strong network of candidates well known by our team,
  • We identify profiles who want to involve in your company on a long-term basis.

3• Humanity and ethics are our core values:

  • We are your closed partner and ambassador to better meet your expectations while providing you with a customized offer,
  • We commit ourselves to consider applications only on the basis of their skills, personalities and motivations in relation to the positions you offer.

4• We guarantee safety and quality insurance :

  • Our team comes from the industry you work in and we thus guarantee a perfect understanding of your stakes,
  • We are the only consultancy certified ISO 9001 to guarantee an intervention under continuous improvement standards.
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