One of our customers, a French food ingredients specialist, with 37 productions sites in 19 countries asked us – Leaderia and our partners from our International Food Recruitment Alliance (IFR-A) for help to recruit R&D profiles in a very challenging environment:

  • Quick growth (internal and external)
  • Rising innovation in meat alternatives requirements
  • Specific company DNA

In this context, our customer needed 6 R&D profiles in different places in Europe, with extremely demanding technical skills and appropriate mindset: entrepreneurship, transformation orientation, and capacity to think to what does not already exists. We were entrusted with:

                  • 2 positions in France, carried out by Leaderia
                  • 1 in the United-Kingdom and 1 in Belgium, done by Focus Management
                  • 2 positions in the Netherlands, successfully completed by Dupp

To make from all these projects real successes, the main stake is the perfect coordination and synchronization of the 6 processes across four countries in Europe. In order to achieve efficiently our assignments, we worked on our domestic markets, with a common method and approach.

One single contract, one single contact partner to make it easier for our customer. The exchange was thus fluent, dynamic, reactive between us consultants and the different parts of the company. There were less back and forth during the process. The IFR-A consultants also created bridges with international candidates, one based in the UK who finally was recruited in France.

It was a fantastic experience, once again, to lead cross-cultural assignments for one customer, to help it to grow onto the European stage thanks to a solid coordination, based on local expertise and common approach.