The agri-food industry is a constantly moving technical sector that we perfectly master with from the very starting point (collecting) to its most final stage: distribution of the finished product.LeaderIA includes among its most trustful clients key players of agri-food on the French, European and global stage.


Be it with private and own brands, we are specialized in the fast and consumer goods. We must specify though that we deal with production and on the industrial side only.


It is because our business area is continuously evolving that we adapt to it in a very reactive manner. Consequently, our process of Identification of Analogies is efficient in particular in this diversified sector, which enables us to establish relevant and innovative bridges between different fields of expertise.


We adapt our working methods according to your requirements. The more technical the position is, the closer we work together with you in order to find an appropriate hunting area. Global leaders clients trust us on very specific jobs and are today among our trustful clients.



Our work around foodservice and agro-food, from upstream to downstream, enables us to operate on Hospitality and catering sectors at large: Hotels, tourism, catering, food vertical retail, agro-food industries, retail and equipment manufacturers.

We are active in 5 big business areas: agriculture and agri-food industries, fast and consumer goods, life sciences, technical industries and foodservice & hospitality. We intervene upstream and downstream in all these sectors, which makes us real experts with a global vision of your jobs and stakes.
All these areas are definitely linked with one another that is why we try to Identify relevant Analogies to optimize the potential of employees and enable then skills bridges.

Our client references are available on request and in complete confidentiality.

LeaderIA is the expert and has experience in Identifying Analogies in the 5 sectors of specialisation and even beyond.

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